Optimizing an A2O bioreactor design, comparing WWT design calculation methods for BNR removal
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1Biotechnology, Chemical engineering, Tarbiat modares, Tehran, Iran
2Chemical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares, Tehran, Iran
Activated sludge models have been widely used for the design, control and optimization of activated sludge plants operated for organic carbon and nutrient removal. Hovewer, appropriate use of those models essentially requires (1) precise influent-wastewater characterization (2) wise use of calibration methodology for activated sludge models and as a result: (3) interpretation of results obtained from modeling study. In the first part of the study, the wastewater characterization was determined at the operating conditions and the percentil values were calculated for the design. Then, the plant was designed with different (ATV-DVWK 131-E, UCT and WERF) design methods and the results were compared. Denitrification was happened almost equal in all methods. South African method had a better rate of dephosphorylation. Finally, WERF was a better method for reduction in volume, space and energy consumption.
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