Adaptive model predictive control of a divided wall column
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Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Because of lower energy consumption and lower capital cost, divided wall columns attracted wide attention. The main challenge of these units is their controllability. In this investigation dynamic simulation and control of a divided wall column is investigated and an adaptive model predictive controller has been used for control purpose. For dynamic simulation the Aspen Dynamics software and for applying control strategy the MATLAB software have been utilized. The model used for model predictive controller has been obtained using open loop responses of the system. The main advantage of presented work over the existing ones is using the input-output transfer function of the system model instead of using state space one. In this approach, there is no need to measure or estimate all sate variables of system and only input-output data are required. The effectiveness of the applied control strategy has been demonstrated via simulation study.
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