Microwave-assisted oxidative desulfurization (ODS) of diesel fuel
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School of Chemical Engineering, Iran university of science and technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran
The ODS process is an important process for the removal of sulfur compounds from fuel oil. In this work, we studied the effect of microwave irradiations on oxidative desulfurization of a diesel oil (diesel oil with initial sulfur content 2640ppmw), using formic acid and hydrogen peroxide as oxidation system. In this study, the influences of various operating parameters such as reaction temperature, molar ratio of oxidant to sulfur and molar ratio of acid to sulfur were investigated. The results showed that by an increase in the reaction temperature and molar ratio of acid to sulfur and oxidant to sulfur, the efficiency of ODS process increased. The best sulfur removal from diesel oil in the present oxidative desulfurization system was 89.56%.
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