Effect of Temperature on Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast separation in Small Hydrocyclone
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1Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran, Tehran
2Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran
Saccharomyces service is one of the most important microorganism used in many industrial processes such as ethanol production, biomass (food and bread yeasts) and various metabolic productions. Yeast recovery causes increasing efficiency, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution. Due to its easy cleaning, high capacity and low maintenance costs, hydrocyclone take precedence over other separation methods such as centrifugal, filtration and sedimentation. In this study a 15 mm diameter hydrocyclone was used for separation of yeast with a density of 1240 Kg/m 3 at a feed concentration of 0.5 g/ml at a temperature range of 30 to 50 °C and a Pressure range of 1 to 3 bars.
The results showed that at a fixed concentration of 0.5 g/ml and a fixed pressure an increase in temperature increases the total separation. This phenomena changes at higher pressure. The concentration ratio increasing with an increase in temperature for all pressure ranges studied. The maximum separation was obtained at pressure of 3 bar and temperature of 40 °C. The maximum total efficiency and concentration ratio obtained were 37.77% and 1.2 respectively.
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