Examination of KNO3/diatomite FSCPCM analysis in spherical and plate shape at an optimum percentage
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1Tarbiat Modares university
2School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, U.K
3Tarbiat Modares University
Composites of KNO3/diatomite with 65/35 wt. %, in plate and spherical shapes, have been developed and tested for thermal energy storage (TES) at high temperatures (300 oC). The composites for TES were successfully synthesized by impregnation and sintering two-step method. The low-cost binary salt KNO3 was chosen as the phase change material and diatomite was as the supporting material. The results showed that this form-stable composite phase change material (FSCPCM) has an acceptable chemical compatibility. At first, after impregnating, the composites were pressed at 200 bars with different shapes as plate form and spherical form. The goal of this paper is to testify the duration of phase changing and comparison of the two shapes of both plate and spherical. As a measurement, an IR-camera was used and tested the FSCPCM every 12 seconds from 130°C up to 320°C. the phase change temperature in plate mode was at 313°C and in the spherical mode at 316°C. The produced FSCPCMs are inconvenient phase change temperature range to employ in various applications such as solar energy, building materials and etc.
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