Effect of temperature and humidity on carbon dioxide absorption rate in respiratory regeneration tablets
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Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Malek-Ashtar University of Technology
Potassium superoxide tablet one of the most common forms of potassium superoxide, it can be used to control the atmosphere and support life as producers of chemical oxygen and carbon dioxide absorbers in hypoxic space. In this study, in addition to the exact examining the effect of temperature and humidity in the absorption of carbon dioxide by regenerative air tablets, the optimal temperature and humidity for improving their performance as well as obtaining the highest human respiratory efficiency were presented. Therefore, the effect of these two parameters as catalysts on carbon dioxide adsorption process was investigated at three levels by the taguchi method based on L9 orthogonal array.to simulate oxygen generation of 3±0.1 gr tablet pieces in a confined space,nine groups of experimental studies under different temperatures and humidities were performed in a simulator. Statistical analysis of the results of the study of the effect of additives on the performance of air regeneration tablets based on experimental data using Qualitek-4 software showed that increasing temperature can increase the performance of air regeneration tablets. Secondly, providing a minimum moisture content of about 55% is sufficient to initiate the reaction and its increase will not have a significant impact on the performance efficiency.
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