A lumped reaction kinetic model developed for conversion of methanol to gasoline upon an HZSM-5 catalyst
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Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Tech.
In this research, an empirical kinetic model based upon an original methodology was developed for catalytic conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons in the gasoline spectrum in an isothermal fixedbed reactor over an HZSM-5 catalyst. This system was investigated through the technique of the lumped reaction kinetics in the second phase of this conversion. Hence, the reaction system was modeled optimaly with only three independent kinetic paths through both differential and integral methods. This was performed based upon the available experimental data in the open literature at the temperature range of 598-648 K, WHSV range of 10-100 h-1 and atmospheric pressure. It was observed that the developed model fitted the experimental data at each considered temperature very well. Moreover, it was revealed that the independently determined kinetic parameters matched the Arrhenius law with the correlation coefficient of higher than 99.8% throughout the considered temperature range. This meant the developed model described the MTG process very satisfactorily.
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