Simulation of nitrate removal from water in a column bioreactor
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University of Tehran
Nitrate is one of the most common and major pollutants in water resources that has become a potential health threat today with the growing population in major cities by contamination of drinking water. Therefore, removal of nitrate from drinking water and industrial wastewater is essential. In this study, a filled column bioreactor with a substrate modified by zeolite mineralization to stabilize the nitrate detergent microsatellite was investigated and simulated by computational fluid dynamics. According to the results, by changing the nitrate inlet concentration from 80 to 1500 mg/L, the nitrate was removed at a height of 90 cm in the bioreactor for 25 hours retention time. Also, there is a significant change in nitrate removal by changing the inlet velocity and optimum inlet velocity was observed 4.66×10-4 m/s.
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