Investigation of the Effect of Wind at Different Speeds on the Flare Line of Kermanshah Oil Refinery Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
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1Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Department, Razi University, Iran
2Chemical Engineering Department, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran
The flare system of Kermanshah Oil Refinery is particularly sensitive due to the location of the refinery in the center of the city. Also the wind speed has a direct effect on the shape of the flare flame which can increase the temperature of the flare wall and lastly, in addition to raising maintenance costs, it can have environmental impacts too. In this paper, the effect of wind speed at two different speeds on the flare flame shape of Kermanshah Oil Refinery is investigated. In fact, the faster wind speeds, the more the flame bends in the direction of the wind, which results in further warming of the flare wall. In addition, with increasing wind speeds, no more mass fraction of the gas will participate in the combustion, which in the event of higher wind speeds, it may cause the refinery flare flame to be extinguished and gas may leak into the atmosphere around the refinery.
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