Assessing the Performance of Aspen Plus and Promax for the simulation and modeling of CO2 Capturing by experimental data of Pilot Plant
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Department of process, Sazeh Consultants Engineering & Construction
The goal of this work was to evaluate the performance of two of the most commonly used process simulators for CO2 capture, namely ASPEN Plus and PROMAX. In this regard, CO2 capture pilot plant (the large-scale pilot plant-KPC) was selected, and four different data series were simulated. The performance of ASPEN and PROMAX were evaluated by comparing the simulation results to the experimental data, which included plant recovery, lean and rich loadings, heat duties, absorber temperature and concentration profiles, and stripper temperature profile. Both software package simulations matched very well to the experiment but in comparison, PROMAX even gave more accurate results than ASPEN than the experimental data
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