Degradation of meropenem by TiO2/modified porous carbon catalyst by ionic liquid
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1department of chemical engineering, Sahand university of technology, Tabriz, Iran
2department of chemical engineering, sahand university of technology, Tabriz
3department of chemical engineering , sahand university of technology, Tabriz, Iran
Antibiotics, pollutants from industrial and hospital wastewater, are highly resistant to degradation. They disturb environmental balance and cause undesirable effects on humans and animals. It is very important to remove these pollutants. One of the most effective methods for removing these pollutants is the advanced oxidation method.TiO2 is one of the semiconductor metals with good photocatalytic activity and is activated under UV light range. In this work to prevent titanium dioxide agglomeration, TiO2 is coated on both porous carbon (TiO2/C) and porous carbon modified by ionic liquid (TiO2/C(modified)). These catalysts were applied to to remove antibiotics. The activity of these photocatalyist has been investigated by UV-vis and XRD analyzes performed to determine the phases. Degradation of meropenem was 92% and 95% for TiO2/C and TiO2/C(modified) respectively.
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