Methanol to Propylene (MTP) Process Modeling and Calculation of Effectiveness Parameters
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1Polymer and Chemical Engineering College Azad Eslamic University (Sourth Tehran Branch), Tehran, Iran
2مهندسی شیمی و پلیمر،دانشکده مهندسی شیمی و نفت،دانشگاه شریف،تهران،ایران
3Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), Tehran, Iran
4Department of Chemical Engineering, Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch
In this work, based on the kinetics obtained in previous work and the experimental data of a fixed bed reactor and by providing a one-dimensional model for the reactor and optimizing by genetic algorithm, the effectiveness factors for the ZSM-5 catalyst Were obtained at 420-450 ° C. It was observed that the temperature changes at this range had negligible effect on the effectiveness parameters. By using the obtained factors at 480 and 500 ° C and comparing the result of model and experiments data at these temperatures, these factors were confirmed. In the next step, the mathematic modeling of the methanol to propylene fixed bed reactors has performed in two level; one-dimensional and two-dimensional. The results of model were compared with the experiment result of the MTP pilot plant in NPC-RT company. The comparison is shown that both models are well predicted the reactor behavior.
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