Investigation of the effect of backwashing, CEB and CIP processes on the BSA foulant removal of PVC/PC hollow fiber membranes
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1sahand university of technology
2Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology
3Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran
Membrane fouling is the major limitation for a broader application of membrane technology. This study aims at a better understanding of the fouling mechanisms and the efficiency of practical backwashing techniques, which is applied to re-store membrane flux and performance. Fouling experiments were carried out by filtration of BSA using PVC/PC hollow fiber membrane to identify the significance of fouling mechanisms and degree of reversibility via various backwashing processes including CEB (Chemical Enhanced Backwash) and CIP (Clean-In-Place) processes. In this work, 500mg/l and 1000mg/l of NaClO solutions were utilized to perform CEB and CIP processes, respectively over identified time intervals. Obtained results showed that the membrane performance could be eminently recovered by BW, followed by CEB and CIP processes and filtration time can be enhanced for more than 300%. The total volume of filtration liquid was more than 927 ml, which was much higher than that of 275 ml which was obtained in absence of BW, CEB and CIP processes.
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