Average flow pattern of gas and solid phases in Methanol To Olefine (MTO) fluidized bed reactor with two different distributors
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1School of Chemical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology(IUST), Tehran, Iran
2Chemical Engineering Department,Iran University of Science &Technology, Narmak,Tehran,Iran
Hydrodynamic behavior of three dimensional bubbling fluidized bed reactor was studied using finite volume method and kinetic theory of granular flow. Two different type of gas distributor is used for the injection of gas reactants into the fluidized bed reactor. Comparison between these two cases showed that the simulation with perforated distributor was in a better agreement with the experimental results. Particles void fraction distributions and average flow pattern of gas and solid phases were studied using tracer tracking approach. Moreover, mean residence time of gas phase in the bubbling reactor was calculated using tracer outlet concentrations at various time steps.
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