Modeling Vapor-Liquid Phase Equilibria of Binary Hydrocarbon-Nitrogen Systems
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1Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Kashan, Iran
2Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Kashan
Nitrogen injection is one of the tertiary methods for enhanced oil recovery from oil reservoirs. Due to its importance of phase behavior study on Nitrogen enhanced oil recovery process, the modeling of phase behavior of Nitrogen+Hydrocarbon binary systems using different equations of state of SRK,PR and PSRK has been studied in this research study. the results showed that the average absolute deviations percent (AAD%) for 22 different binary systems of Nitrogen+hydrocarbon have been calculated as 1.460, 1.469 and 0.933 for liquid phase as well as 1.830, 1.568 and 1.519 for vapor phase using SRK, PR and PSRK equations of state respectively. It should be noted that the PSRK equation of state can predict the phase equilibrium data accurately in comparison with those well-known equations of state used in this study.
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