Comparison of a modified A2O bioreactor, processed through SBR operation method with a conventional A2O bioreactor
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Chemical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares, Tehran, Iran
Biological wastewater treatment methods have been progressed significantly during recent years. A2O and SBR are two kinds of processes which are used separately in wastewater treatment industry. Both methods have deficiencies in operation specially in denitrification, which is an important item in wastewater treatment The aim of this study was to combine both methods and present a designed modified A2O bioreactor which was operated through SBR method. Usage of pulsator clarifier was an innovation in order to provide better floc stabilizion. Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) design method was selected for calculations and designs. Extracted results from the designed bioreactor indicate priority of shorter pulses comparing to longer ones. Also modified bioreactor had better efficiency in nitrate removal and decant volume unlike MLSS toleration.
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