Preparation of stable water in water pickering emulsions by nanostructured protein-PEG conjugates
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1university of Kashan
2Nanostructures and Biopolymers Research Lab, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Kashan,Kashan,Iran
Here, protein-methoxy polyethylene glycol conjugate was prepared aim to for the investigation of the stability of water in water pickering emulsions. The solutions of dextran and poly (ethylene glycol) in water were mixed to form immiscible two phases systems. Protein particles were produced by conjugating methoxy poly (ethylene glycol) and whey protein in controlled conditions. The structure of the emulsions was visualized with confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM). It is shown that contrary to native proteins, protein particles adsorb at the interface and can form a monolayer that inhibits fusion of emulsion droplets. In this way, water in water emulsions could be stabilized for an hour and a half.
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