Injection Water Incompatibility and Ion Exchange Effect on Scale Formation in Water Injection Process
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1Amirkabir University of Technologym, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry
2Department of petroleum engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
3Researcher at EOR Division, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI)
4Amirkabir University of Technology
One of the most important problems in water injection projects to oil reservoir is the incompatibility problems of injection and formation water and scale deposition. Along with laboratory experiments, scale formation can be predicted by several models to determine the scaling potential. High salinity, ion interactions, as well as scale formation mechanism can affect the scale’s amount, as well as its composition quality. In this study, through using the simulation technique by the aid of Phreeqc software, in addition to qualitative and quantitate examination of the scale formation, the effect of the formation of pure scales phases as well as their formation in a solid solution manner was investigated. Moreover, a comparison was made with regard to the composition of the scales; in other words, considering scales as combined and solid solution phase which are mostly regarded in reservoir rock existent conditions, can have a significant effect on scale formation. In the present study, the effect of reservoir rock has been considered in an indirect way. The results revealed that solid solution assumption can have a significant effect on scale formation reduction. In addition, the effect of ion exchange on reservoir rock has also been considered and examined. With an increase in ion exchange, the scale amount resultant from incompatibility is reduced.
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