Effect of needle-to-collector distance on the diameter of fibers obtained by electrospinning method
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1tarbiat modares university
2Department of Polymer Engineering, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran
The electrospinning/jetting process is a powerful, simple, and effective method of producing fibers or particles from multiple organic polymers. Here, the electrospinning process of fibers was performed using a different concentration of polyvinylpyrrolidone polymer solution at two different distances from the needle. The results of scanning electron microscopy and digimizer software showed that the average diameter of the fibers decreases with increasing the distance between the collecting plate and the needle in the electrospinning process of polymer fibers. The results show that by keeping the molecular weight of polymer constant, only by changing the polymer solution and electrode separation distance it is possible to obtain fibers of various diameters.
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