Kinetic Modeling of Acetaldehyde Removal from Air by N -F co-doped TiO2 in a Spouted Bed Photocatalytic Reactor
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1school of chemical engineering, college of engineering, university of Tehran, Enqelab Ave. Tehran, Iran
2School of chemical engineering, faculty of engineering, university of Tehran
3chemical engineering school, collage of engineering, university of tehran
Study of photocatalytic activity of TiO2 and the related materials is an important task using solar energy for removal of the pollutants from the environment.. In this work, N-F co-doped nanoTiO2 powder was successfully synthesized via sol-gel method. The photocatalytic activity tests were performed for removal of acetaldehyde as a model molecule of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air, and the results have shown enhancement of N-F-TiO2 activity for under the simulated sun light using Hg lamp in a spouted bed photo- reactor. The kinetic study of acetaldehyde removal was investigated in the spouted bed reactor and the best kinetic model was proposed on the base of reactor model regression on the outlet concentartion data. . The best model describes a langmuir-hynshelwood type model with the inhibition effect of adsorbed acetaldehyde on the surface of the catalyst.
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