CFD simulation of wall to fluid heat transfer coefficient in trickle bed reactors with cylindrical trilobe packing
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1Faculty of chemical engineering, Petroleum and gas, Semnan university, Semnan, Iran
2Faculty of Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran
Heat transfer issue in trickle bed reactors is one of the notable problem in chemical engineering. A trickle bed reactor is a type of fixed bed reactor, in which the two phases of gas and liquid pass through the catalytic bed in contact with each other and are used in a variety of industries including petrochemicals. In this study, we investigate the effect of Reynolds number changes on wall to fluid heat transfer in trickle bed reactors using CFD method. This reactor consists of cylindrical packs that are randomly placed inside the reactor. As the liquid Reynolds number increases, significant changes are observed in the wall to fluid Nusselt number. However, with increasing the Reynolds number of gas phase and keeping the Reynolds number of liquid phase constant, no significant changes in the wall-fluid Nusselt number could be observed.
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