Clarification of industrial corn syrup by granular activated carbon produced from cherry and date stones
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1Sahand university of technology
2Sahand university of technology, Tabriz, ran
3Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Urmia University of Technology
High fructose corn syrup is used as a sugar substitute. Solid agricultural waste such as date and cherry stones are remained the envirenment creating secondry pollution. The purpose of the present study is to produce granular activated carbon from agricultural waste stones using microwave irradiation as an efficient adsorbent for purification of corn syrup. Phosphoric acid is firstly impregnated into the washed stones by microwave-assisted technique, and then dried precursors are heated in closed ceramic vessels. Experimental research was conducted to understand the role of various activation factors such as, impregnation ratio, microwave power, carbonization temperature and time on the purification of corn syrup. These factors effectively influence the uptake of syurp impurity. The incerment of microwave power up to 600 W and carbonization temperature up to 700 C effectively improve the purification process. It was found that the cherry stone is approperiate starting material for fubrication of granolar packed bed to for rapid crirefication of corn syurp.
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