Oxidative desulfurization process for a model feed in the presence of Mo based nanocatalysts and Ni/Co promoters using H2O2 as a green oxidant
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1Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Tech.
2Institute for Nano Science and Nano Technology, Sharif University of Technology, 11365-9465, Tehran, Iran,
3Nanotechnology Research Center, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, Tehran, 14857-33111 ,Iran,
CoMo/rGO and NiMo/rGO catalysts were synthesized by incipient wetness impregnation (IWI) method and were evaluated in the oxidative desulfurization (ODS) process of dibenzothiophene (DBT) in n-decane as a model feed. In this research citric acid (CA) was used as a chelating agent. Three parameters including total metal loading, Co or Ni/Mo ratio and CA/Mo molar ratio were investigated in order to achieve optimal conditions toward synthesis. Different catalysts were prepared and characterized through the powder-XRD, ICP, FTIR, Raman Spectroscopy, BET-BJH, and NH3-TPD analyses. The sulfur content of the product was measured by the ICP-OES method and the structure of the product was evaluated using FTIR and 1H-NMR analyses. All stages of synthesis and reactor tests were experimentally designed using the Design Expert software. Results revealed that the synthesized catalysts possessed significant ability to perform the ODS process such that; 99% conversion during 1 h was achieved using Co and NiMo(20)/rGO catalyst.
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