Simulation of naphtha reforming unit using Aspen plus user model
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1Amirkabir University of Technology
2Department of chemical engineering, Faculty of chemical engineering, Tabriz, Sahand University of technology
3Department of chemical engineering, Faculty of process design, Tehran, Amirkabir University of technology
In this study, a semi-regenerative catalyst naphtha reforming process was simulated by linking Aspen plus with reactors modeled in Matlab software. The reason behind the employment of this method is its ability to apply the suitable pressure drop, flow distribution and catalyst characteristic in the naphtha reforming reactor. Because of the deactivation of the catalyst, the effect of time on temperature, furnace heat duty, and mass flow was investigated. The model data was validated with a domestic plant. The deactivation had significant effects on the mass fraction of hydrogen and light end products while the change of other parameters was negligible.
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