Polysulfone nanocomposite membrane embedded by Graphene Oxide for removal of humic acid from water
Volume Title: 1
1sahand university of technology
2Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology
3دانشگاه صنعتی سهند تبریز، تبریز، ایران
This study was performed to investigate effect of different concentrations of graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets on fouling of polysulfone (PSf) membranes applied in humic acid filtration. The GO was prepared from graphite and characterized by FTIR and XRD. The mixed matrix membranes were prepared with different percentages of GO. The membranes were characterized using a set of analyses and the results showed that the addition of GO up to 0.3 wt.% resulted in an increase in hydrophilicity, mechanical properties and water flux of membranes. Antifouling properties of the membrane was also investigated in filtration of humic acid solution and the results showed that reversible fouling and flux recovery of membranes were increased at the presence of GO.