Adsorption of ascorbic acid from aqueous solution by natural absorbent
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1chemical engineering ,technical college, Guilan university,Rasht,Iran
2گروه مهندسی شیمی دانشکده فنی مهندسی دانشگاه گیلان
The object of this study is to estimate the performance of banana peel (BP) for adsorption of ascorbic acid (AA) in aqueous solution .Different natural adsorbents were investigated for AA adsorption which BP had a high adsorption rate and was therefore selected for this study. Batch system was utilized to investigate the effect of initial concentration (3, 5, 7 g/L), adsorbent dosage (0.5, 1, 1.5 , 2 , g) and pH of the solution. Total vitamin C (ascorbic acid +dehydroascorbic acid) has been determined by iodometric titration. In this proceed, iodine solution oxidize AA to conform dehydroascorbic acid (DAA). The result displayed that optimum value of initial concentration and adsorption dosage were 3 g/L , 2.5 g respectively. Besides, pH was not influenced the adsorption yield.
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