Input/Output Feedback Linearization Control of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration and a State Observer for a Batch Bioreactor
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1Chem. & Pet. Eng. Department, Sharif University Of Technology
2Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Department, Sharif University Of Technology, Azadi Av., Tehran Iran
A key issue that affects a bioreactor performance and microorganism’s life is dissolved oxygen concentration. In order to reach maximum efficiency and productivity, controlling the oxygen level is of particular importance. Because of the complexity of biological systems, most of the dynamic models representing them are nonlinear, so nonlinear controller and observer design methods must be used. Since measuring some states of these systems are impossible, and because most of the controller design methods for nonlinear systems need all states' values, designing an observer is necessary. The designed controller should be able to reject all possible changes in parameters of the model as soon as possible, to prevent causing damages to the whole system. This paper aims at designing an appropriate Input/Output feedback linearization control, which handles parametric uncertainty and an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) observer to predict the dynamic behavior of the bioreactor.
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