Evaluation of CO2 and CH4 Adsorption on Large-Pore Zeotype Titanosilicate
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Nanostructure Material Research Center (NMRC), Department of Chemical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran
ETS-10, as a large-pore zeotype, was synthesized, characterized and employed to study the CO2 and CH4 adsorption behavior. Equilibrium isotherms of as-synthesized and K-ETS-10 were measured over a pressure range of 0-100 kPa at 298K. High performance of CO2/CH4 was observed over ETS-10 adsorbents. Kinetic parameters of CO2 were extracted by fitting the experimental data by isothermal and non-isothermal models. The results revealed that both as-synthesized and K-ETS-10 adsorbents are highly qualified to be used in CO2/CH4 separation. After ion-exchange with K+, the equilibrium and kinetic properties of adsorption have changed. K+ with higher polarisability increases the adsorption amount and also as bigger cation decreases the diffusion time constant.
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