Titanosilicate Molecular Seive Adsorbents Behavior in N2 and CH4 Adsorption
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Nanostructure Material Research Center (NMRC), Department of Chemical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran
Nitrogen removal from natural gas is important in natural gas purifying processes to reach pipeline quality. The ETS-4 adsorbent was synthesized, characterized and applied to study equilibrium and kinetic adsorption properties of N2 and CH4. ETS-4 was ion-exchanged with Ba2+ and after dehydration at 270 ℃, the isotherms and fractional uptake of pure N2 and CH4 gases were measured at 30 ℃ in a constant volumetric apparatus. Both Na-ETS-4 and Ba-ETS-4 are high potential adsorbents in the kinetic separation of N2/CH4. The presence of Ba2+ with bigger size instead of Na+ in ETS-4 structure leads to relative blockage of pores and also after heat treatment pores become contracted. This prevents CH4 to diffuse ETS-4 pores and increases the kinetic selectivity of N2/CH4.
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