Thermal performance of a eutectic mixture of palmitic and stearic acids impregnated in kaolin used as a phase change material
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1Department of process engineering - faculty of chemical engineering- Tarbiat Modares University
2Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Tarbiat Modares University
A novel form-stable composite phase change material (FSCPCM) containing palmitic-stearic acid (PA-SA) eutectic mixture as a renewable PCM and kaolin as a supporting material was made by melting impregnation method at the status of 120 °C and 60 min with the aid of stirrer in 400 rpm. The eutectic ratio of PA and SA was fixed at 62% and 38% respectively. With the aim of investigation of leakage properties, three different mass fraction of eutectic mixture in kaolin was tested which resulted in the optimal mass fraction of 50%. Infrared camera results indicated the melting point of kaolin/PA-SA FSCPCM is about 52 °C which is lower than every single PCMs presenting a faster heating rate comparing two other ones. Capillary forces and surface tension are the main actions happening to keep the prepared PCM into the layers of kaolin based on Fourier transformation infrared spectroscopy outcomes proving uniformly distribution of PCMs into kaolin. The produced FSCPCMs are inconvenient phase change temperature range to employ in various applications such as solar energy, building materials, air conditioning systems and etc.
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