Investigation of mesh size effect and its efficiency on the composite of stearic acid/kaolin used as a phase change material
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1Department of process engineering - faculty of chemical engineering- Tarbiat Modares University
2Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Tarbiat Modares University
In this study, a number of form-stable phase change materials (FSPCMs) were prepared at a fixed mass fraction of PCM (60%) using a melt impregnation method at three different temperatures. In order to investigate the effects of different meshes of kaolin on thermal behavior and leakage issues of FSPCMs containing stearic acid (SA) as PCM, infrared camera (IR camera) and solution method with the assistance of N-hexane were used respectively. The IR camera results showed that the slighter mesh size of kaolin, the larger the heat storage capacity of the composite and also indicated that the thermal conductivity of FSPCM is getting larger, as the mesh size of kaolin increases. Leakage test indicated that the mesh size of kaolin has different effects on the flow of SA as the formation temperature changes.
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