Assessment Simulating the process of gasification and energy production from chicken manure by ASPEN PLUS
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Caspian Faculty of Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
The increasing human need for energy on the one hand and the problems caused by the use of fossil fuels have led to increased attention to other energy sources, including biomass. In this study, a gasification and energy production unit that uses chicken waste biomass as a feed was simulated with Aspen Plus software. The following steps have been taken to develop the model under consideration in the Aspen Plus: 1) define process steps 2) select appropriate process equipment 3) form flowsheet with appropriate placement of selected equipment 2) determine parameter values used 5) perform simulation. The main product of the process is Synthesis gas. The rate of energy recovery in this project is 13%, which has less heat value than other animal waste.
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