Applicability evaluation of a natural surfactant on the wettability alteration of oil reservoirs'' rocks
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Department of Petroleum Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran
Surfactant flooding is a suggested enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method in the oil reservoir that wettability alteration mechanism is effective. A new natural-based surfactant derived from Acanthophyllum tree trunk (Chuback) was proposed here to change the wettability of rock faces to water wet for more oil production purpose in the oil reservoir. The results of oil and water contact angle measurement proved that the proposed surfactant has this ability to be used as a surfactant in porous media. The response surface method was also utilized to investigate the effect of surfactant concentration, salt concentration and salt types on the goal responses, water and oil contact angle. According to the results, the optimum Chuback concentration is around 0.75 wt%.
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