Effect of the modification degree of sesame as a low-cost biosorbent for adsorption of cadmium ions from an aqueous solution
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Department of Chemical Engineering, Shahreza Branch, Islamic Azad University, P.O. Box 311-86145, Shahreza, Iran, Tel. +98 321 3292242; Fax: +98 265 2423898
In this work, an attempt was made for the first time to omit Cd(II) ions from an aqueous solution using modified sesame (MSW) as a low-cost biosorbent. Sesame waste (Sesame leaf and stem) (SW) was modified using NaOH solution with different concentrations varied from 0.4 to 1 M, and characterized by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR). The sorbent included hydroxyl groups, carboxyl groups, etc. on its surface shown by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The biosorption characteristics of Cd(II) ions onto the MSW were studied with respect to time at pH 7. The equilibrium contact time for MSW was obtained 20 min. The maximum removal of 91% for MSW was obtained at optimum conditions. Also, based on the adsorbent dose experiments, the most value of 7.81 g L-1 was achieved for adsorbent capacity.
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