Modeling the removal of heavy metals from industrial waste water using fuzzy logic
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Department of Chemical Engineering, Shahreza Branch, Islamic Azad University, P.O. Box 311-86145, Shahreza, Iran, Tel. +98 321 3292242; Fax: +98 265 2423898
The limitations of water resources in the world, as well as the widespread industry in the world and the increasing consumption of water, have led the researchers to consider wastewater and sewage treatment more than before. The existence of a precise model is necessary to reduce the number of experiments and optimize the purification conditions. In this research, the modeling of treatment information using fuzzy logic was investigated. For this purpose, sanitary wastewater treatment for iron, lead and cadmium ions was performed using fuzzy logic. Finally, the accuracy of the model and the formulas for the error were obtained, which proved the usability and reliability of the model. MATLAB R2012 software was used for fuzzy logic modeling using Mamadani method. Finally, The absolut error for modeling is performed with data less than 0.01 and maximum is 0.81.
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