Investigation of the Behaviour of Mn doped CeO2 Catalyst for Ethanol Steam Reforming Reaction
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1Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Reseach Lab., Chemical Engineering Department, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran
2Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Lab. Chemical Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, University of Kashan
The effect of Mn on performance of CeO2 in ethanol steam reforming was studied. Mn doped CeO2 was prepared by co-precipitation method and analyzed by BET, XRD and TPR. CeMnO2 showed the acceptable conversion (31%) and hydrogen yield (57%). The result of the analysis revealed higher specific surface area of the introduced catalyst than CeO2 and MnOx. It was also indicated that although Ce without Mn had the higher conversion but it happened because of more CH4 selectivity (34% @ 500 °C). Mn conducted the reaction to more CO2 generation and also it was an effective metal for WGS and ESR reactions by adsorbing steam and ability of oxygen mobility.
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