Synthesis of porous molecularly imprinted polymerized high internal phase emulsions (MIP-PolyHIPEs) for identification of chemical compounds
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1Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Golestan University, Aliabad Katoul, Iran
2Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry, Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran
Porous polymers were successfully synthesized from a homogeneous mixture of monomers and a progenic solvent. For this purpose, polymeric foams with a nominal porosity of 90% were prepared by emulsion-templating polymerization with a high percentage of internal phase in the presence of template molecules (Buspirone hydrochloride and Bentazone). The UV-vis absorption of the solutions passed through the porous polymer was recorded by the spectrophotometer. The comparison of the absorption curves with the calibration graph showed that the synthesized polymeric foam was capable of absorbing the target material. The MIP-PolyHIPE foam was able to absorb 84.7% of Buspirone and 87.1% of Bentazone at low concentrations.
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