Phenol biodegradation in a bioelectrochemical system
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1chemical engineering, chemical engineering, Amirkabir university, Tehran, Iran
2Energy and Environment Research Center, Niroo Research Institute, Tehran, Iran
In this study, A single chamber microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) was designed and constructed to investigate the phenol (200mg/L) biodegradation as the sole substrate using Ralstonia Eutropha. In anaerobic condition of the system, the biodegradation rate of 2.6 g/L.h was obtained at an applied voltage (Vapp) of 0.5 V. then, we also explored the effect of applied voltage (Vapp) on phenol removal rate . In this regard, phenol (100 mg/L) removal at two differnet applied voltages of 0.5 and 0.8 V was investigated. The system had more efficient performance in term of phenol removal in Vapp=0.8 V, and phenol degradation rate was calculated 3.9 and 5 mg/L.h, respectively.
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