Numerical simulation of hydrophobicity effect on microchannel walls in droplet formation
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1Chemical Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran
2Amirkabir University of Technology
Numerical simulation of the hydrophobicity effect of microchannel walls in the process of droplet formation has been performed. Two geometry configuration, T-junction and double T-junction have been used to investigate this effect. In both geometry contact angle between walls and continuous phase has been studied as an important factor for hydrophobicity. The result shows that in both geometry configuration, an increase of contact angle from 90° to 180° has an important role in the formation of the droplet and their shape. When contact angle is under 90° in T-junction, there is no droplet formation but in double T-junction, droplet formation still happens. So we can generate droplets at both hydrophilic and hydrophobic walls in double T-junction flow-focusing devices which is an advantage of double T-junction over T-junction.
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