Tryptone as an Edible Inhibitor for CO2 Hydrate Formation; Investigating the Triple Interaction of Water-CO2-Tryptone System
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In this work, the aim was to investigate and introduce a new edible and organic additive capable to be used as a CO2 hydrate formation inhibitor. Therefore, a protein-based compound called Peptone from Casein (Tryptone) was chosen because of its primary potentials. Investigation on the CO2 hydrate formation in a high-pressure cell and at 278.15 K in the presence of different concentrations of Tryptone proved that at 0.15wt% onwards, the hydrate formation was completely prevented at least for 24 hr and no gas was consumed during 24 hr. Therefore, Tryptone is worth it to be considered for more investigations in the gas hydrate applications.
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