Experimental Investigation on Low-Doses of Guar Gum as an Eco-Friendly Kinetic Inhibitor For Carbon Dioxide Gas Hydrate
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Faculty of Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran
The kinetic of CO2 hydrate formation in the presence of a natural edible polymer named Guar gum was investigated in this work. Regarding the industrial condition and affordability, the aim was to test Guar gum at very low concentrations. 0.0125wt%, 0.025wt%, 0.05wt%, and 0.1wt% were the chosen concentrations. At 0.05wt% which was the best-resulted concentration, the inhibition rate of the CO2 hydrate formation was increased by 287% and the induction time by 453%. In other words, Guar gum at 0.05wt% increased the induction time from 52 min to 288 min and the total time of gas uptake from 4.7 hr to 18.2 hr. Therefore, based on the obtained results, Guar gum can be a promising KHI at a very low concentration.
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