Modeling High-Pressure Densities of Ionic Liquids
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1Chemical Engineering Department, University of Larestan, Lar, Iran
2School of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran
Accurate knowledge of liquid density is necessary for the development of industrial processes involving ionic liquids (ILs). In this work, a group contribution approach based on statistical associating fluid theory (SAFT-γ) is used to predict the high-pressure densities of some ILs. The SAFT-γ parameters of some imidazolium-based ionic liquids with either [MeSO3], [MeSO4], [EtSO4] and [CF3SO3] anions are optimized to experimental data within a temperature range of 293.15-393.15 K and pressures up to 35 or 60 MPa. Moreover, by using the optimized group parameters, the performance of the model is examined by predicting the density of some IL systems not included in the optimization database. The results show good agreement with experimental data.
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