CO oxidation over MOFs and thermal treated MOFs
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1Nuclear fuel cycle research, iran atomic energy organization.
2Sharif University of Technology
In this study, we synthesize the copper and chromium oxide nanoparticles by the degradation of MOF and then investigate the catalytic performance of MIL, CuBTC and the corresponding oxides in the CO oxidation reaction. MIL-101(Cr) has been synthesized by a simple hydrothermal method. Thermal treatment of MIL-101(Cr) and CuBTC (MOF-T) has been performed under the various flow rate of the gas mixture containing 1%CO, 20%O2, and 79% He. The performance of the MOFs and the MOFs-T has been investigated in the CO oxidation reaction. The results show the higher activity of MOFs-T than MOFs due to the formation of nanosized oxide of structural metal. The nanosized oxide can also be used for other applications.
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