Application of Lattice Boltzman method in Modeling of Methane Adsorption Breakthrough curve
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1school of chemical engineering, college of engineering, university of Tehran, Enqelab Ave. Tehran, Iran
2School of chemical engineering, faculty of engineering, university of Tehran
3chemical engineering school, collage of engineering, university of tehran
A D2Q9 lattice Boltzmann model was developed to solve the unsteady state concentration profile of methane adsorption from nitrogen in a packed bed of activated carbon. This method solved the time-dependent convection-diffusion-reaction equation for methane adsorption in a bed of activated carbon. The programming MATLAB code was written for simulating methane mass transfer zone inside the bed with axial dispersion and using adsorption rate as a sink term in the Boltzmann equation. The present study provided an alternative numerical approach to solve adsorption mass transfer problems. Validation of the LBM numerical breakthrough curve was carried out by experimental data and the results have shown good agreement with outlet concentration of methane from the bed versus time. This research has demonstrated the ability of the LBM model for numerical modeling dynamic adsorption systems.
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