A Nanostructured Novel (BiOCOOH)0.75(Bi2MoO6)0.25 Photocatalyst For Simultaneous Photodegradation of Contaminants in Solar Spectrum
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Chemical Engineering Faculty, Reactor and Catalysis Research Center (RCRC), Sahand University of Technology P.O.Box 51335-1996, Sahand New Town, Tabriz, Iran
(BiOCOOH)0.75(Bi2MoO6)0.25 nanophotocatalyst has been prepared by a one-pot sono-solvothermal method to simultaneously degrade the mixture of two antibiotic pollutants and also rhodamine B (RhB) in the solar spectrum range. The novel nanophotocatalyst has shown a sponge-like structure. The obtained sample has been characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), and field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM) analyses. As a result, (BiOCOOH)0.75(Bi2MoO6)0.25 could approximately eliminate 15 mg/L RhB at about 90.5% after 180 min irradiation. Furthermore, the photodegradation capability of the nanophotocatalyst towards 15 mg/L (levofloxacin+ofloxacin) solution was high at the same radiation condition, so that the maximum wavelength almost disappeared. Therefore, our approach is providing a high active nanophotocatalyst that exhibits potential photodegradation performance over RhB and the two antibiotics for the remediation of water.
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