Mathematical model for green pea drying using three simple lumped, modified lumped, exact solution methods
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Chemical engineering dept., Faculty of engineering, university of Guilan, Rasht, Iran.
Partial differential parabolic equation is being achieved by writing mass or heat balance around a solid particle drying. In order to attain moisture and temperature of a single body in each time, these equations should be solved, simultaneously. As exact solutions of these equations are complicate, the aim of this study is to analyse different simple and modified lumped mathematical models in drying of the single particle of green pea at one-dimension coordinates of sphere, then compare the predicted result with the exact solution. Hermit and polynomial approximations are selected as modified lumped models. In operational condition investigated in this study, the mass transfer Biot number of a spherical green pea is computed 4.05, and this number in comparison with 0.1 is a high amount, as a result some simple mathematical models couldn’t be a good substitution for exact solution method. As obtained from results, two models, H00/H00 and simple lumped, couldn’t correctly estimate moisture and temperature distributions, in comparison with another models. The best models are polynomial and H21/H00 approximations, to predict moisture distribution at each time. In this work, the heat transfer Biot number was around 0.1 and all the mathematical models are able to predict temperature in each time very well.
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