Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of Water Supply System against Microbial and Chemical Threats by RAMCAP Method
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1Hamedan University of Technology
2Production and Transfer Facility Manager, Water and Wastewater Company of Tehran Province
3Biology and Microbiology Laboratory Operator, Water and Wastewater Company of Hamedan Province
4Passive Defense Manager, Water and Wastewater Company of Hamedan Province
5Managing Director, Hamedan Water and Wastewater Company
water supply system is severely damaged by a variety of chemical and microbial threats. It is necessary to first identify the vulnerabilities of the water supply system and assess its vulnerability to threats and then provide practical solutions to prevent the vulnerability of the water supply system. An urban water supply system is including water treatment plants, reservoirs, water transmission lines and distribution networks, pumping stations, river, and surface water resources, and wells. Each of these units can be exposed to chemical and microbial threats. This study consists of various sections, including reviewing information sources on threat identification, examining the current status of the Hamadan water supply system in the face of threats, the impact of threats on system assets, identifying threats on the Hamadan drinking water system, and prioritizing the threats by conducting local surveys. The vulnerability evaluation of different units of water supply system against microbial and chemical threats is studied by the RAMCAP method. Finally, by determining the risk values of assets, the vulnerability can be identified and the vulnerability reduced before the crisis using practical solutions.
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