Effect of super microsilica gel on rheological characteristics of drilling mud
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Department of Petroleum Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran
One of the important tasks of drilling fluid is to laminate the well wall and to prevent the loss of the mud into the formation, which can be achieved by increasing the mud viscosity. Invasion the liquid part of mud or solid particles into pores or mud losses phenomenon, sometimes have severe damage to production zone, therefore proper design of drilling mud, is essential and can increase the well production and saving the cost and time. In this study, for controlling fluid loss, super microsilica gel and its rheological properties has been investigated. The experiments were carried out in different concentrations of gel and after analysis found that Bingham and Herschel Bulckley model are well fitted with the results and with increasing the concentration of microsilica gel, yield point increases and requires more energy for the flow of fluid. The optimum concentration is about 5 wt%.
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