Utilizing commercial water-based nanofluid for wettability alteration of carbonate rocks and its application for enhanced gas recovery
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Department of Petroleum Engineering, Hakim Sabzevari University, Sabzevar, Iran
In gas condensate reservoirs when the pressure of the well drops below the dew point, condensate accumulates in the reservoir and act as the skin that reduces the rate of hydrocarbons production. Wettability alteration is an effective method to remove the condensate in the reservoir. In this study, NFS-104, a cost-effective and free fluorocarbon nanofluid was utilized to alter the wettability of tight carbonate rocks to gas wet. From experiments was deduced that this nanofluid has good ability to alter wettability of carbonate rocks from liquid wetting to gas Wetting, such that, this material in optimum condition alters water and oil contact angles from 20.38o and 4.02o to 90o and 51.63o, respectively, as well as, this nanofluid keeps its effectiveness, even in presence of different salinities.
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