Optimization of a liquefied natural gas plant for utilizing associated natural gas streams
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Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
The liquefaction of associated natural gas resources (ANG) is a promising option which enables utilizing them as an energy carrier and reduces environmental impacts which is resulted by burning ANG. However, such processes are highly energy intensive and the optimal design and operation of these processes is of high importance. Moreover, ANG is usually produced in oilfields and the associated gas in one oil filed may exhaust in a few years. Consequently, the liquefaction process may be used to liquefy another feed gas stream. Therefore, the process must be flexible enough to cope with the new feed conditions. The present research optimized a single-stage mixed-refrigerant process for the liquefaction of an ANG stream. Also, a sensitivity analysis was performed to determine the feasible design alternatives which can liquefy both feed streams. The results showed that the optimal design obtained for the first ANG, cannot fully liquefy the second ANG. However, the designs for the second ANG can liquefy the first stream as well.
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